Monday, January 12, 2015


your poems, 
those poems
give me so many ounces of hope, 
and your english words teased with portuguese 
helps me consider why 
hearing you, 
seeing you, 
and knowing you is important. to my fire. then there are your thoughts.
and i get drunk 
i get drunk on your semi-colons...

Thursday, January 1, 2015


what if you are not yourself?
what if you find out you created yourself
and know now there is no way of finding out
who you were
before you became?
the questions give me the only semblance of sanity
i am able to maintain in the midst of being no one
and all of them
who dare not ask the question.
i ask, but frankly,
what difference does it make?
Will death know me?
what if it confuses me with the one next door?
Vilify the ones who dare to engage
in this seemingly intelligent conversation
Vilify me.

and ask not since your mouth opens and closes
like a fish
gasping for water
inside the aquarium.
Is it worthwhile considering if the aquarium
knows the fish?
question it not.