Saturday, January 30, 2010

I ask...

the husky voice
the difficulty understanding
and the words taken under my wing, 
your words made mine
as your prism rotates 
on the axis of time 
your words made mine
and my body the words
in your mouth
as they dilute with
thoughts I do not utter
it was never the body
it is always the words
as they slowly linger
in between my 
worn out breasts
and drip
accumulating in my navel
in a thin stream
onto the center of me
gliding guiding dictionaries
and poems
and letters
and lips
all in the same direction
simply to be born
for there is where

can you still hear me????


this msg is just to tell u
i lost my love smwh
if u find it
feel free 2 give it back

i'll be carrying my heart in
my wallet
in the meantime
but this is not part of the

its just what it is.

i know nothing of English

sometimes I run out of words
they fall off my mouth and splatter on the floor
glasses shattered by your silence
by your verbiage without one single verb
maybe its shingles you have
maybe its sheer selfish shell fish
maybe its nothing
i know nothing of English
it just takes the words away from me
that's all

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

o amor sem volúpia

o amor sem volúpia
o amor
e cem volúpias
que para ti apenas
cresce depois de morto
ressuscita ao timbre
sorri para mim
cada vez que te ouço
não faço mais que lembrar
que não morri
que se meus olhos
são águas
e meus dedos
ao som tua voz
é porque sim
para que me lembre
que beijei
e ainda me tens aqui
agarrada aos fiapos da tua voz
como quem se agarra a um filho
logo eu
que perdi minhas entranhas
nas mãos de um qualquer cirurgião
agarro-me ao som da tua voz
que flutua
para mim
assim te amo
e por ti me dispo
deixando que soltas as águas
me lembre de mim
ainda viva nos teus braços