Wednesday, November 26, 2014


the whores howl in our house
. i hear them all the time.
and so do the dead dogs
who came back
to lick my tears

Saturday, November 15, 2014

the sound of a guitar

My insanity permeates the walls that shake vaguely
With the sound of madness
I hear it deeply in the heart of the house
As it crumbles slowly underneath me

my legs fail
Faking the fall
In the abyss of being nothing but
The moaning of its and bits of a full body
slashed open
In-between your legs

I let the house take over and hope to levitate.
your notes sustain the murmur of my entrails.
...and the house implodes
in the lunacy of an entire body 
as you finger the chords of the guitar.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


a mente mente como quem desmente a verdade que nunca foi
se te disser que sim talvez seja o sim
apenas para que possas ser o melhor de ti
mas de mim
confia apenas
nas entranhas
nas guturais exclamações
onde a mente não mente
e a língua não é construção
mas é boca beijando a boca
gemendo a boca salivando
a boca
de mim
confia apenas
nas minhas entranhas.


the silence will grow from the sorrow the impossible the opium the dislove and long empty roads
that lead no where
you cannot be
in a borrowed body
and corrupted mind

so be the silence
and the light might shine.